1990, a small business was born in Spain as distributor for plastic products, and quickly made its way into the packaging industry.


1996, as we transitioned from distributor to wholesaler, Koex Distribucion Integral is created with the mission of catering for the growing demand of plastic products in Spain.


1997, with the objective of offering a broader range of packaging solutions to our clients, Koex started distributing paper bags and envelopes, thanks to our network of partner companies in Spain and Italy.


1998, Koex goes into manufacturing of plastic products through a strategic alliance with the Portuguese industrial group POLIVOUGA SGPS, one of the largest manufactures in Europe of industrial films, retractile PE, agricultural plastics, retail plastics bags, among other products. All this on the back of the growing local demand for these type products.


2002, Koex group strengthen existing strategic alliances and production capacity with the creation of Alberplan Iberia, a fully integrated commercial company that represent POLIVOUGA SGPS in the local market.


2007, Koex group sets out to provide a full range of packaging solutions by aggressively expanding its network of fully homologated strategic partners in Asia.


2010, the group successfully taps onto other categories beyond packaging, by actively pushing other plastic based products with high demand in the agricultural and industrial markets.


2011, Koex USA commercial office opens its doors to provide personalized costumer service in the American market.


2015, Koex France commercial office opens its doors to cater for the growing client base across Europe.


2016, Koex expand rapidly towards emerging markets, consolidating as a truly global packaging company.

Growing importance of online shopping

In Koex we’ve been providing e-commerce packaging solutions for years, developing a wide range of alternatives to cater for online sales. Notably plastic mailers, paper mailers, and cardboard mailing boxes.
Gift Wrapping Paper, wrapping up wishes

Check out our prices for wrapping paper, you’ll be surprised!

We have a wide range of paper options in the most common sizes, and we can print just about everything.
Top quality solutions
for the retail world

We offer plastic and paper bags and mailers, as well as packaging solutions made of PP woven and non-woven, cotton, burlap, etc… all this with the highest quality standards. We also offer packaging accessories such as stickers, tissue paper, gift boxes, etc.
  • They are serious, professional and always provide alternatives to possible adversities. 100% recommended. In addition to a personalized, effective and efficient care.
  • We want to highlight Koex personalized service, friendly personnel and a sales team which is not only professional but also always available. Good service. always on time, even in emergency situations.
  • Productos de calidad , pero sobretodo valorar la profesionalidad y atención personalizada , de 10!
  • Apart from their excellent costumer service, Koex stands out for the high quality of their products and the speed of delivery. Having Koex as one of our suppliers was definitely the right choice.
  • Plastic Solutions
  • Product range
    We have 5 factories between Spain and Portugal with a capacity of more than 180,000 tons annually.
  • A complete range of solutions
    Our range of product ranges from plastic, paper, raffia, tnt or cotton bags to accessories such as gift, stickers, paper silk or gift boxes.
  • Made to fit your needs
    If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our catalog, feel free to contact us and we will help you to find a specific solution for your packaging needs.
  • Certified quality
    Our production centers possess all of the major environmental qualifications. We also control all of our processes following the most rigorous environmental norms.
  • Flexiloop handle
    Plastic bags with flexyloop handles. The handles are normally reinforced, especially if the bag is made of LDPE. They can be produced with side or bottom gussets.
    Retail Bags
  • Patch handle bags
    Plastic bags with cut handles. They can be produced with or without a patch to reinforce the handles.
    They can also have side or bottom gussets
    Retail Bags
  • Cut handle paper bags
    Plastic bags with cotton cord handles and a hand-made finish. These are similar to premium paper bags.
    They can be made in LDPE and with a thickness superior to 100 microns .
    Retail Bags
  • Rigid handle
    Plastic bag with a rigid plastic handle. They can be made with side gussets.
    This is a less frequent option, which makes it an original idea. This product is aimed particularly towards the fashion sector.
    Retail Bags
  • Drawstring Cord
    Plastic bags without handles, but rather with drawstring cords. It is composed of a double layer of plastic, made of LDPE.
    Oxobiodegradable additives can also be included in order to make this product more environmentally friendly.
    Retail Bags
  • Backpack
    Backpack-style plastic bags. Similar to a bag with ribbon handles, but with cords stuck to the base.
    These are often used to promote sporting events or online stores.
    Retail Bags
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